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AWS vs Azure vs Google vs IBM vs Oracle vs Alibaba | A detailed comparison and mapping between various cloud services
CategoryService Amazon AWS Microsoft Azure Cloud Google Cloud Platform Logo IBM Cloud Logo Oracle Cloud Logo Alibaba Cloud Logo Huawei Cloud
ComputeWeb Hosting
ComputeVirtual Server
ComputeBare Metal Server
ComputeVirtual Dedicated Host
ComputeHigh Performance Computing
ComputeGPU Computing
ComputeContainer Registration Service
ComputeContainer Management Service
ComputeServerless compute for containers
ComputeServerless container platform
ComputeMicro Services App Development Platform
ComputeServerless app repository
ComputeVirtual Private Servers
ComputeAuto Scaling
ComputeBatch Jobs
ComputeApp Development/ Deployment (Java /.Net /PHP /Python)
ComputeEvent Driven Computing
StorageObject Storage
StorageVirtual Machine Disk Storage
StorageFile Storage (SMB Compatible)
StorageLong Term Cold Storage
StorageHybrid Storage/Storage Gateway
DatabaseRelational Database Management Service
DatabaseNon Relational Database Management Service
DatabaseTimeseries Database
DatabaseIn-Memory Data Store
DatabaseData Warehousing
Migration ServicesDatabase Migration Services
Migration ServicesServer Migration Services
Migration ServicesSmall Scale Data Transfer Service
Migration ServicesLarge Scale Data Transfer Solution (Petabyte Scale)
Migration ServicesLarge Scale Data Transfer Solution (Terabyte Scale)
Migration ServicesLarge Scale Data Transfer Solution (Exabyte Scale)
Application Discovery ServicesApplication Discovery Services
Networking & Content DeliveryVirtual Networking
Networking & Content DeliveryVirtual network connectivity
Networking & Content DeliveryNetwork Gateway
Networking & Content DeliveryContent Delivery Network
NetworkingNetworking & Content Delivery
NetworkingGlobal Traffic Management
Hybrid CloudHybrid Cloud
Networking & Content DeliveryPrivate Connectivity
Networking & Content DeliveryLoad Balancers
Developer ToolsCloud Software Development Kit
Developer ToolsCloud Software Development Kit
Management ToolsServer Management Services
Management ToolsCloud Deployment Templates/ Infra as Code
Management ToolsLogging & Monitoring
Management ToolsResource / Configuration Inventory
Management ToolsServer Automation
Management ToolsServer Automation
Management ToolsCloud Cost / Performance / Security Advisor
Management ToolsAlerts and Remediation guidance Service
Management ToolsCloud Management Tools
Management ToolsAutomated Infra Management Services
Disaster Recovery ServicesAutomated Disaster Recovery Services
Security & Identity, ComplianceIdentity & Access Management
Security & Identity, ComplianceCloud Security Assesment Service
Security & Identity, ComplianceSecured Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates
                Security & Identity, ComplianceHardware Based Security Module
                Security & Identity, ComplianceDirectory Services
                Security & Identity, ComplianceKey Management Services
                Security & Identity, ComplianceConsolidated Management of Multiple Cloud Accounts
                Security & Identity, ComplianceDDos Protection Service
                Security & Identity, ComplianceWeb Application Firewall
                Security & Identity, ComplianceSecurity & Compliance Service
                Security & Identity, ComplianceSecurity & Compliance Service
                  Security & Identity, ComplianceSensitive Data discovery and protection
                  Big Data & Advanced AnalyticsBig Data Query as a Service
                  Big Data & Advanced AnalyticsBig Data Managed Cluster as a Service
                  Big Data & Advanced AnalyticsCloud Search
                  Big Data & Advanced AnalyticsStreaming Service
                  Big Data & Advanced AnalyticsData Warehouse
                  Big Data & Advanced AnalyticsBusiness Intelligence & Data Visualization
                  Big Data & Advanced AnalyticsCloud ETL
                  Big Data & Advanced AnalyticsThird party data exchange
                  Artificial Intelligence / Machine LearningLanguage Processing AI
                  Artificial IntelligenceSpeech Recognition AI
                  Artificial IntelligenceImage Recognition AI
                  Artificial IntelligenceMachine Learning
                  Artificial Intelligence / Machine LearningMachine Learning Frameworks
                  Artificial Intelligence / Machine LearningBusiness analysis
                  Artificial Intelligence / Machine LearningMachine Learning Inference
                  Artificial Intelligence / Machine LearningIntelligent Search / Search with ML
                  Mobile ServicesMobile App Development Services
                  Mobile ServicesWeb API Management Service
                  Mobile ServicesWeb/Mobile Authentication Services
                  Mobile ServicesConsolidated Mgmt of Multiple Cloud Accounts
                  Automated Cloud Management ServiceManaged Cloud Services
                  Mobile ServicesMobile App Testing Service
                  Mobile ServicesMobile App Software Development Toolkit
                  Mobile ServicesApplication Services
                  Mobile ServicesMobile App Analytics
                  Application ServicesAPI Management Service
                  Application ServicesMedia Transcoders
                  Application ServicesQueuing Services
                  Application ServicesMobile Analytics
                  Application ServicesEmail Services
                  Application ServicesNotification Services
                  Application ServicesBlockchain Services
                  Application ServicesChatbot
                  Business ProductivityOffice Document Solutions
                  Business ProductivityDesktop Application Streaming
                  Business ProductivityCommunications Service
                  Software MarketPlaceCloud Marketplace
                  Internet of ThingsIoT Platform
                  Internet of ThingsIoT Development Solutions
                  Internet of ThingsIoT Analysis
                  Internet of ThingsIoT Hardware
                  Game DevelopmentGame Development
                  Robotics DevelopmentRobotics Development
                  Development & TestingDevelopment & Testing

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